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Simplified Secure IT Services

Managed IT Support

Get the most value out of your technology investments by keeping them running at peak efficiency. Periscope IT delivers IT Support services to keep your business running smoothly. As a result, eliminating costly interruptions to your operations.

Managed IT support takes care of the maintenance of your business technology systems. We monitor to proactively address issues before they impact operations. Our Service Desk improves staff efficiency by quickly resolving any issues that arise.

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Cyber Security

Manage risk and gain peace of mind with a proven security framework to prevent, detect, and respond to cyber threats. Most organizations don’t have the internal expertise to address current cyber threats. In fact 58% of cyber attack victims are small businesses. We’ll help you adopt an information security plan, so you can be sure you data is protected from compromise.


Stop malicious attacks at the source before they spread across your network. Backed by global threat intelligence, our Next Generation technology provides protection from emerging threats.


Monitoring for indicators of compromise allows us to detect an intruder before they gain a foothold in your network. As a result, we can rapidly respond to threats and lower the impact of a breach to your sensitive information.


With a response plan the impact of a breach can be reduced to minutes instead of hours or days of downtime. We can identify if any sensitive information was compromised during a breach and help you report to the correct entities.


Internal users are a large risk when it comes to securing data. We provide ongoing security awareness training to strengthen your employee’s knowledge about cyber threats. As a result, turning a weakness into your greatest strength.

Cloud Services

Reduce capital expense and provide flexible access to your information systems. Whether you’re interested in moving to cloud-based infrastructure or just want to leverage the latest Software-as-a-Service applications. Our team has the expertise to help you seamlessly transition.

Take advantage of the power and cost savings of Cloud based services with Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Azure. Our team can execute a seamless migration to help your business realize the benefits of increased collaboration and flexibility with cloud based Email and File Storage.


Business Continuity

Understand the impact of your information systems to your business and minimize the impact of disasters with the knowledge, processes and tools for a quick recovery. With our managed backup and disaster recovery services we ensure your data is protected and you have the ability to recover and get back to business.

In the event of a disaster or system disruption we can restore your systems in the cloud to keep you running until a full recovery is possible. Your business information assets are protected in a geo-redundant cloud based storage.

Our automated backup verification testing and periodic disaster recovery tests ensure recovery is possible when you need it most.

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Benefits of working with a Managed IT Services Provider

Most small and medium businesses are finding it very expensive to employ competent IT personnel to run their IT operations. Outsourcing the services not only cuts down those costs but also provides predictable monthly costs to cover the entire service.

A managed service providers teams are specialized and dedicated to your IT Systems allowing quick and timely response to issues. Internal staff is often not equipped to resolve IT issues that arise and other business priorities are left unattended.

With managed services even small organizations can access highly qualified personnel without the cost of recruiting them. Additionally, the teams from Periscope IT possess a wide range experience in the field of Information Technology and Security, therefore giving your business additional insights it may not otherwise have.

Managed services providers can scale with the demand of your business. You can be confident you will have the resources available to meet new technology challenges that face your business.

You never have to worry about IT support coverage. A managed service provider is available 24×7 to keep your business running.

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Predictable Pricing

Our simple and transparent pricing allows you to buget and accurately predict your true technology cost. No surprises, we provide you with one fair amount you can count on.

No Long Term Contracts

We offer month-to-month agreements because we believe in earning your business during each engagement.

Enterprise Expertise

With over 30 years supporting large complex Enterprise environments. We use that knowledge to deliver the same robust support to SMB clients.

Partners for Growth

We expect to become a trusted advisor for your business. You should expect us to stay abreast of industry landscape changes and advise you as your needs evolve.

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